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At Vico Products, Co. we define sustainability as “having the capacity to meet the demands of today’s marketplace, without inhibiting the ability of future generations to meet ever-changing demands.”  As a family owned company we know this better than most as our actions today, have a top-bottom bullwhip effect on how we are able to operate moving forward into the future. 

So how are we at Vico Products, Co. achieving sustainability on a daily basis?  The answer is by making conscious decisions that affect, not just one aspect of the organization, but the overall 


  • People- Social Responsibility
  • Profit- Economic Prosperity      
  • Planet- Environmental Stewardship

Using the Triple-Bottom-Line as our guide has allowed us to carry out initiatives across each one of these functional categories that we feel allows us to achieve sustainability in today’s marketplace, but more importantly in the future marketplace!   


As a family-owned corporation, Vico Products is closely integrated in the communities in which its operations are located.  We understand that vesting our corporation within the community allows our employees to grasp the importance of sustainability, as the final effects can be seen in everyday lives.  By practicing sustainability in the external community, Vico employees continuously work at it within the organization. 


Being environmentally responsible not only makes sense from an ethical standpoint, but also from a bottom-line standpoint as well.  By implementing a green supply chain we can not only help achieve sustainability, but also can make a drastic impact on P&L’s which can then be passed to our customers.
Having a green supply chain means focusing on all of the following disciplines at Vico:

  • Designing jobs that minimize scrap and waste
  • “Kanban”/JIT manufacturing for inventory control
  • Economies of scale for each truckload to avoid extranneous freight costs
  • Running machines to maximize efficiencies
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle any/all waste products 


At Vico we take a synergetic approach to environmental stewardship.  Wherein the traditional view of “green” policies was mandatory and cumbersome; today we see them as necessary and vital to compete among our industry.  We have take on a number of “green” intiatives, that allow us to not only decrease our overall environmental footprint, but also increase our capacity to operate efficiently moving forward!

One such initiative was the recent investment in energy-efficient lighting in the Plymouth Michigan facility. The project has not only reduced the number of Kilowatts needed on an annual base but we also received a rebate from DTE Energy for having made the investment. This surely was a “win – win” decision, save energy, reduce the carbon footprint, qualify for a rebate and equally important provide our associates on the plant floor with better light! We always try to accomplish activities in the most environmentally efficient way whether it is something as complex as the reduction/consolidation of waste materials to something as simple as turning the lights out at the end of the day to be more energy efficient; we always try to do what is right in order to decrease our environmental footprint.

Plymouth Garden

Plymouth Garden Club Tulip Plant Day

In the fall, Vico Products teamed up with members of the Plymouth Garden Club to have tulips planted at our Plymouth, Michigan location. These ladies spent countless hours planning, purchasing bulbs and planting here at Vico. They planted 650 bulbs in one day! It was a fun and worthwhile project for all involved.

Plymouth Garden Club Tulip Plant Day

Plymouth Garden

The late Myrlene Schultz, mother to current Vico President Curt Schultz, was an avid gardener and active member of the Garden Club. The following spring, the tulips bloomed beautifully and were a stunning tribute to the late Myrlene. We are very proud of the collaborative work between Vico and the Plymouth Garden Club. We hope to have more projects with this fine group of people!